I have a business in Central Florida Lake Mary, Florida. I paid $295 for my ad and a Facebook blast ad I guess I am lucky because I did get an ad on the website.

It has been a few months and to this day I have not had one customer call my business. Not one customer has brought me a coupon. Not one customer has asked me about the ad I have with this company. The sales person said 1000's of people would see my ad right away I just want to know where are they.

My instant customer base I think was and is a joke. I learned my lesson you do not get what you pay for after reading the other complaints on this sight about renterperks I am a lucky one or am I no customers. I will not pay for an ad again once is enough for my business. This company does not have their act together.

My complaint is where are the customers they would come if they see an ad. They have not seen the ad that is the prolblem!

Monetary Loss: $295.

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