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Update by user Apr 18, 2014

After posting our complaint, Dave Ripley - Renters Perks - contacted us immediately & gave us a full refund with his sincere apologies. We at Bella Tan thank you for resolving this issue. Thank you, sincerely, Mike-Bella Tan.

Original review posted by user Apr 17, 2014

First of all, I am NOT an ex-employee of RentersPerks! I am a small business owner - Bella Tan - in The Villages, FL & we got scammed for $100 for an ad that was supposed to be posted more than 6mos.

ago! I have called all the numbers on website & spoken to Dave, Becky, Joe, Mr. Wilson & they have continually told me the ck is in the mail, or we mailed the ck to you twice(can't provide me with ck #'s though), or they have credited back to my Mstrcrd, or most recent-"we will give you c. crd #to chrg the amt back onto your c.


IT IS NOT REAL! I did reverse phone lookup & they are linked to Aerial Communications in Kissimmee, FL! Here are their 'phone numbers' (407) 335-1614, (407) 749-5696, 1800 339-5664 & the last number that Dave gave me today belongs to a Pastor from a church!?? (407) 739-05__ (supposed to be Joe's personal cell phone number!

Renters Perks, apparently the brainy idea of Dave Ripley, owner is just a plain RIPOFF!! WARNING TO ALL BUSINESSES SMALL & LARGE - STAY AWAY FROM RENTERS PERKS!

To Dave, Joe, Becky, etc. - we are Bella Tan - Mike & Diane call us at (352) 267-6993 to resolve this issue!

We have given you all our info on here - do the right thing & resolve this now! Thank you!

Monetary Loss: $100.

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Woodstock, Georgia, United States #808927

The employees were only directed by Dave Rupley as what to say when a business called with a complaint about an ad not posting many businesses called and continue to call to get a refund. Most of the time the calls went and go to voice mail and never are answered.

We collected for ads at $75 dollars for the ad to run for a year. We asked for checks to be paid to Perks Media. A courier would pick the check up or we paid for over night shipping. None of these ads have posted.

Now he is using social media with a lot of false info don't be taken in by this make shift company do you truly want to be a part of a know felon. I am also waiting on my last two weeks of pay Dave does not answer the Phone!

to SW Atlanta, Georgia, United States #827769

there is over $5000 in ads that paid Perks Media for ads and those ads have not gone live these businesses paid $75 for their ads. The sales people said they could sale at $100 some of those ads have not gone live...than the sales team said they would sale for more Dave Ripley is a shark eating up your money he will not stop!

to I am a happy not working anymo Orlando, Florida, United States #828500

Your an ***! What are you 12 years old? Beck Renzi *** Bag!

to I am a happy not working anymo Orlando, Florida, United States #830831

What??? your statement makes no sense!!

Can you read and write? Just asking

Orlando, Florida, United States #806351

It's unfortunate that most of these posts are from disgruntled employees. Anybody can just leave any false comments or statements they want to try and slander your business.

If your a real company leave your company name!!! We have always been able to be reached on our website at, Here is my personal cellphone (407) 335-1614!

It's not fair that this website will allow anything to be written about a company without first investigating and confirming its a legit complaint.. It's really a black eye for business owners!!!

Orlando, Florida, United States #806322

It was a pleasure speaking with you tonight, I'm glad I was able to resolve the situation immediately. Again I apologize for the run around you received from ex-employees and ex-managers that gave been trying to destroy my business.

Even though they have been forwarding my phone you can always reach me at There is no way they can forward or tamper with my email.

Again my sincere apologies! Dave Ripley.

to Dave R #806332

RenterPerks your the run around and your doing it again! Lies, lies, all lies you have not taken care of anything your a scam and you may think a few words here will help you maybe they will but the truth comes out your a rip off *** artist.

Innocent businesses suffer for your lies.

to Anonymous Orlando, Florida, United States #806337

again...ex employee!!! no nothing!

Hey Becky how are you.

Still haven't found a job yet I take it. There is a reason you are not working!

to Dave R #809625

The authorities is after the truth and justice. Did you know businesses and people often get away with unacceptable practices because they are never held accountable. Just review and process complaints by the individual consumer in order to gain power through collective advocacy.

to Dave R Winter Springs, Florida, United States #917900

David Rupley blames everything on his disgruntled employees, how could one business owner have so many issues with *** bag drug addict employees? Anyone who owns a business know this is just impossible for such a smart business owner to be taken advantage of over and over.

He takes no responsibility for any of his actions and plays the constant victim of these so-called, "*** bag employees." I would think by now the lesson would be learned to start screening new employees like any other legitimate business would do, the problem is these allegations simply false. Renter Perks was one of the worst hostile environments I have ever had the pleasure working in, see I am one of these ex-*** bag employees he is referring too. I worked for this *** for 5 months and in that time my payroll checks kept bouncing he switched payroll dates on his employees so he wouldn"t have trouble making his payroll. I knew at this point I had to start looking for other legitimate employment the problem was I worked everyday from 9-6 pm which made things difficult going on job interviews.

So, I slowed down on my sales because I knew that David Rupley probably wouldn"t pay me if I decided to leave. I got offered a better legitimate job that I couldn"t refuse, took off work to go on a job interview, got the job thank god, but of course he flips out on me for missing one day of work in 5 months of employment fires me and decides not to pay any monies he owed me. This was all due to his hostile tactics and work environment and I witnessed over and over, this is common practice for this so-called man to not pay his employees what they are owed. I am not a drug addict I was a hard worker but who wants to help someone like David Rupley succeed in ripping off small businesses.

This is why he hires drug addicts because they are the only type employee that would do this kind of work with no conscience. At first I believed the business was real but after hearing and seeing what was going on around me I couldn't do it anymore.

If there are any other *** bags that worked for this monster and would like to get paid please text me at 386-383-3372. Thank You Stephanie Fuller PS: Hi Dave this review is from me I am not scared of you and will sign my name to what I post.

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