Renter Perks is a scam they take your money you wait for your ad to post and they never deliver I am out $75. It seems they charge all over the board from $75, $100, $200, and now $295 my research and discoveries is that they move often because they do not pay their bills.

I have researched and found the owner has moved many times this past year.

Don't take my word for it call other business owners on the website ask them if they have had business from their ads they will say NO! RenterPerks keeps doing harm No one should be taken advantage of this is a scam

Monetary Loss: $75.

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Orlando, Florida, United States #805301

First of all we don't even do business in Birmingham, AL...Another compliant that has no Merritt and is obviously another failed attempt to slander our company by an ex employee that has nothing else to do. Again, if you were owed money wouldn't you have called us.

Our numbers are all over the website. Or just list your business name.

It's funny how none of these complaints list a business name or a phone number to contact! That's because they are bogus!

to Dave R #810811

That is why the date has changed about 7 times on your website. I am not happy with your business at all your business practices has a lot to be desired why don't you post your address of your business so I can come by meet you in person and collect my refund. You post your numbers but no one answers or returns my calls.

to LT Orlando, Florida, United States #833598

Thats why you don't leave your business name! Because I know who this is and its not a business! Get a job and stop harassing our company!

to LT Orlando, Florida, United States #833600

Your lying about not returning calls... we return all calls.

and here is my cell phone! (407) 335-1614...

You won't call it because your not a business! Your an ex employee!

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